"Her laughter changed her voice from wind chimes to the jingling of...bells." - Leland Dirks

Photography by Aaron Schroeder

       Cue the Silver Bells! Following my invitation to my cousins' end-of-the-year wedding, my boyfriend and I took to Soho to hunt down a chic (and affordable) dress for this wedding. Since all the lovely holiday colors of maroon and evergreen were worn by both mothers of the bride, I was instructed to pick another dark color - so naturally, black it up! This little velvet garment was purchased for $50 at H&M and I couldn't be happier. The silver metallic cuffs and neckline double as accessories, and therefore saves me a trip through my jungle of an accessories closet of never-ending tangled up necklaces and bracelets. Though I adore my jewelry, sometimes it's nice to keep is simple. Especially with this flattened spherical piping, this dress channels confetti and Bing Crosbys' Silver Bells, perfect for the week between Christmas and New Years. So raise your glasses and toast to a good deal and another union of love - oh, and 2015!

       Fun Fact: I forgot my makeup for this photo shoot, therefore this post is especially simplistic as I am baring the au natural face! But sometimes it's nice to give your face a break and indulge in LUSH products afterwards.

Fun fact 2: The silver accents aren't bells - thankfully, they are a silent accessory that didn't disturb the wedding!