Fifteen Decembers

Cold in the earth - and fifteen Decembers. From those brown hills, have melted into spring.
— Emily Brontë

Photography by Aaron Schroeder

Manhattan, you have successfully served us with the weather of Emily Brontë's fifteen Decembers butfailed to extend peppermint mocha season. Unfair.

For this shoot, I may or may not have spent the rest of the day drinking one too many extra-hot doses of caffeine and indulging in a rich herb goat cheese omelet after this below freezing photo shoot, but hey, slow and steady wins the race + I'm obsessed with my new turtleneck maxi from American Apparel and even more obsessed with this dainty jewelry from Fresh Tangerine.

Causally sporting some awesome jewelry.jpg

Woman Fact #128: Dresses are foolproof outfits. Not feeling getting dressed on Monday? Put on a dress. Feeling slightly bloated and have to go in to the office? Throw on a loose dress. Want to grab brunch on a Saturday morning and don't have the mental capacity to style an intricate outfit? Put on that dress!

What the psychology major in me noticed about dresses is this wonderful social phenomenon where every person who sees you in a dress automatically assumes you've spent hours that morning, putting blood, sweat and tears into choosing an outfit. I think I will coin this as the dress assumption theory or "DAT" for short. But in reality we all know when we wear dresses it's just because we didn't want to wear jeans and all our leggings were in the wash, admit it dancers, you know what I mean!

Dresses immediately expel feminism wherever a woman walks, leaving behind a trail full out Carrie Bradshaw confidence. What I particularly adore about this dress specifically for this time of year is that it's the perfect transition outfit to gleefully say farewell to Winter and greet Spring with open arms.

The jersey fabric cradles my curves and the solid color keeps the style minimalistic but nonetheless a statement. My maxi serves as a perfect backdrop to the gorgeous jewelry by Fresh Tangerine. Adding a light necklace, bracelet or rings serve as a subtle and beautiful accent without making Coco Chanel roll over in her grave by over-doing the accessories. Let's not forget these coveted words of fashion wisdom:

 "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory." - Coco Chanel

For a cozier look, pair a turtleneck dress with a light wash jean jacket or over-sized cardigan, stockings and white leg warmers. For a more professional look, find a looser dress and style it with short pumps and an Mary-Poppins-sized black bag - you're ready to handle anything.

Dress by: American Apparel

Shoes by: Old Navy

Jewelry by: Fresh Tangerine