"I dream my painting and paint my dream." - Vincent van Gogh

Photography by Crystal Cox

Style O N E: Barbie Boulevard

Numero uno! This look features a light wash denim jacket, white blouse from Urban Outfitters, black hat with gold piping, black heels by Cynthia Rowley and a very bubbly flirty pink fur coat from Nordstrom. Comfortable and fabulous - perfect for weekends of brunching and splurging for a treat yo' self (cue Tom Haverford) day. 

Style T W O: Hitchcocks' Daydream

This next style is more on the why so serious?! side, with a white button-down blouse (also from Urban Outfitters) underneath an Asian inspired top with this Urban Outfitters dark blue fur jacket and gold-studded sandals (pictured in the below gallery). This style may be darker, but no less chic and street-style to work-day ready!

Style T H R E E: Ignite the Night

For this last look, we chose a relaxed night outfit. We styled this slim black jumpsuit with front zipper by Zara with my brown, tan and black mixed faux fur cropped jacket from Forever 21. No jewelry - though no jewelry needed with this bold jacket at the focal point.

Check out the rest of the photos from the fur shoot below!

       Maybe it's my inherent desire to be a dog owner,  maybe I just miss my horse-back riding days, but I recently took a loving for all things fur! A few months ago my boyfriend gifted me a short fur jacket, though with all the studying and New Yorks' very fickle weather, I haven't been able to wear it out. Nevertheless, I can't deny the pure elegance that comes with fur - coats, shoes, even headphones (which yes, I do own). What made fur such a fast trend is it's a sure-fire way to evoke beauty and romance - ye old seduction void of cut out dresses. Looking back in the native days, fur was believed to be a source of magic that brews strength, power and nobility within the individual wearing it. Post-war Britain, fur coats were "all the rage", rather a symbol of luxury. Cue flashbacks of old cameos and women with minxes wrapped around their necks complementing their off-white satin dresses. Fast-forward multiple decades, invent the word "faux" and welcome to the fur revolution! 

       Following the great Salvatore Ferragamo, Lanvin, Bottega Veneta - and most recently Saint Laurent and the very colorful Diane Von Furstenburg, I set out to find my fur - though unlike the designers, I searched thrift stores, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, etc., all the college student favorites. Growing out of usual chic black and nudes, this season has played with mixed fur complexions and even experimented bold solids - such as the pink and dark blue in this post! 

       For this post, I paired with my friend Crystal, who worked alongside me at ELLE magazine this past semester - and also has an incredible eye for color. For our styling of fur, we chose three very different outfits - each filled with personality. I'll admit, I stepped a little outside my comfort zone for these (considering I am not a fan of pink, sorry Elle Woods) and to my surprise - I la-la-love the pink!