A B O U T T H E  H I G H  L I F E

"Playing dress up begins at age five and never truly ends." - Kate Spade

Photography by Aaron Schroeder 

"I don't need the booze to get loose | I'm already high, just look at my shoes!" - Madison Love  

       Welcome to The High Life fashion blog! On this website you can explore two areas of fashion: Featured Designers, where THL collaborates with upcoming designers to showcase some of our choice styles, and LOOK, for outfits + current trends along with some of our favorite must-have pieces.  

       Our mission at The High Life is to personally share with you our passion for the ever-changing world of fashion by giving reviews and style guides from our closets to yours! We value having one-on-one interviews with designers and unwrapping each piece of fashion to put an emphasis on each work of art rather than simply reporting on current trends. We believe fashion is an accessory to the beauty of the individual and cherish making style a transcendence of just “clothes”, making it a reflection of your existence. Ralph Lauren couldn’t have said it better, “Fashion is about something that comes from within you.” And we believe there is no better way to make a stamp on this earth than giving it all the uniqueness within you.

       The title "The High Life" refers to the above song lyrics written by singer-songwriter Madison Love. At The High Life, we believe fashion is the platform to the move forward with with confidence. "The High Life" is not exclusive, but rather inclusive, as we set out to know each person as individuals who have a great foundation in common: the love of fashion and the confidence & joy it gives us! 

       So, welcome! I hope you enjoy what you see and find a place for you to celebrate the art of the individual. 



Intern at ELLE Magazine, former intern at Paper Magazine + Entertainment University

       Greetings from the lunacy (and beauty) of Manhattan! My name is Kate: writer, model and creator of The High Life and I am happy to welcome you to The High Life fashion blog. With The High Life, we put emphasis on a personal relationship with style, designers and each other. With that said, I'd like to introduce myself. I am currently studying journalism and psychology, though aside from my very academic-focused classes, I adore writing about my three passions: fashion, the Bible and food! I am a lover of clothes with a distinct weakness for sweaters and high heels (and LUSH bath bombs). My style is somewhat minimalistic, because I believe a few good pieces span through decades and creates a personal style. When I am not studying or working, I spend my time exploring restaurants, playing piano and going to (more like singing along with) musicals. I am a huge health and beauty fanatic and am also an active supporter of the World Vision organization + I quote Emily Brontë and Kate Spade more than I should! I'm a lover of people, pomeranians and pomegranates, and am often said to use excessive alliteration!

       I am a native of Connecticut, but found a fast home in New York. I immediately fell in love with the cultures of the city - how one place can contain real-life experience snapshots of the rest of the world. Growing up, I always played dress up and have an overflowing drawer dedicated to my dream "couture fashion lines", though it wasn't until I moved to New York that I realized fashion as a passion rather than just a hobby (though designing is not my strength). It seems that's what Manhattan gives to you: uncovering the layers and layers of yourself.

       With that being said, I hope you enjoy this blog and please feel free to contact me at fashioninthehighlife@gmail.com

Have a lovely day + God bless!

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Colossians 3:23