“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?""That depends a good deal on where you want to get to." "I don't much care where –" "Then it doesn't matter which way you go.” - Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

It's the most fabulous time of the year! Right inbetween the bittersweet end of cold brew season and leading in to the hype (believe the hype) of PSL season, we can all rest safe that #NYFW is alive.

Unfortunately due to my fall semester schedule, I was unable to attend basically any fashion show. As bummed as I was, I indulged in my fellow fashion bloggers instagram photos, LSAT book and cold brew (yeah, I'm still on the col' trane) in hand. Fall back a few weeks when I heard about Refinery29's very well-advertised #29Rooms - I absolutely could not wait to go, though when I heard it was only open for 2 days during the most insane (did I say insane? I meant exciting) time of year I figured my chances of getting in were about as high as Kanye's chances of being POTUS 2020 (which actually could be much higher than we think).

Okay so long story longer, my lovely photographer (who happens to be my first and only boyfriend of 2 years) snapped us both out of academia mode and surprised me with a ferry ride over to Greenpoint (I thought we were going to Dumbo). Sidenote: my boyfriend is the surprise king, so I really shouldn't have been shocked that he did this, but I also can't emphasize enough how thoughtful he is 110% of the time. One signed waiver and 15 minutes later, we were traveling from room to room, entertaining my inner 8-year old, 13-year old and present self (way to go R29 for hitting all the most horrifying and fantastic stages of my life).

I could go on for pages on end about how magical, mystical and beautiful this immerse experience was, though I will let the photos do that themselves.

Though I must give a most sincere thank you to R29's creative geniuses for putting this all together for FREE. The entire exhibit was filled with great memories, generous gifts (my boyfriend won Fossil cologne and they had Stumptown on tap) and positive messages that not only thank their fans in a huge way, but also #SpreadJoy to grow like the roots of an oak tree - resilient + alive!

Overall: R29 has the most incredible team on every level. Whoever doubts the level of intelligence that goes into the fashion/creative world has been wildly disproved by the minds behind R29.

A Horse With No Name

"The heat was hot and the ground was dry. But the air was full of sound. I've been through the desert on a horse with no name. It felt good to be out of the rain." - America

Photography by Aaron Schroeder

Greetings fashion followers, from my three month hiatus from the blogging world (all blame attributed to school and work). Though now that I am liberated from the calls of higher education for the summer - hello shopping...er, exercising, yeah, I think that's what I meant to say.

This post pays "tribute" to my stay in the city of angels, or as English and Spanish speaking-alike Americans call it, Los Angeles - not to be confused as the "best city" or "America's greatest city", that's obviously Manhattan. All jokes aside, I must say I have fallen in love with the West Coast. Temperatures are high, humidity is down, everyone shops at Farmer's Markets. And, like NYC, you never know who or what you're going to run in to.

Head West about 100 miles and we've entered the high desert, which spurred my inspiration for this post! Bringing in a comfortable, rugged vibe with the ripped jeans and modern "cowboy hat", this outfit embodies the perfect mindset - a relaxed woman who can conquer even the roughest, toughest duel. The white sweater adds a slight dimension to the look and threads the individual pieces as a whole, stylish high-desert outfit. 

The shirt by Banana Republic and the pants by H&M. All of these pieces were brought together from multiple consignment stores and gifts (aka the best kind of shopping for a college student)!

Bonus: This location is also where the original Star Trek TV series was filmed!

Fifteen Decembers

Cold in the earth - and fifteen Decembers. From those brown hills, have melted into spring.
— Emily Brontë

Photography by Aaron Schroeder

Manhattan, you have successfully served us with the weather of Emily Brontë's fifteen Decembers butfailed to extend peppermint mocha season. Unfair.

For this shoot, I may or may not have spent the rest of the day drinking one too many extra-hot doses of caffeine and indulging in a rich herb goat cheese omelet after this below freezing photo shoot, but hey, slow and steady wins the race + I'm obsessed with my new turtleneck maxi from American Apparel and even more obsessed with this dainty jewelry from Fresh Tangerine.

Causally sporting some awesome jewelry.jpg

Woman Fact #128: Dresses are foolproof outfits. Not feeling getting dressed on Monday? Put on a dress. Feeling slightly bloated and have to go in to the office? Throw on a loose dress. Want to grab brunch on a Saturday morning and don't have the mental capacity to style an intricate outfit? Put on that dress!

What the psychology major in me noticed about dresses is this wonderful social phenomenon where every person who sees you in a dress automatically assumes you've spent hours that morning, putting blood, sweat and tears into choosing an outfit. I think I will coin this as the dress assumption theory or "DAT" for short. But in reality we all know when we wear dresses it's just because we didn't want to wear jeans and all our leggings were in the wash, admit it dancers, you know what I mean!

Dresses immediately expel feminism wherever a woman walks, leaving behind a trail full out Carrie Bradshaw confidence. What I particularly adore about this dress specifically for this time of year is that it's the perfect transition outfit to gleefully say farewell to Winter and greet Spring with open arms.

The jersey fabric cradles my curves and the solid color keeps the style minimalistic but nonetheless a statement. My maxi serves as a perfect backdrop to the gorgeous jewelry by Fresh Tangerine. Adding a light necklace, bracelet or rings serve as a subtle and beautiful accent without making Coco Chanel roll over in her grave by over-doing the accessories. Let's not forget these coveted words of fashion wisdom:

 "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory." - Coco Chanel

For a cozier look, pair a turtleneck dress with a light wash jean jacket or over-sized cardigan, stockings and white leg warmers. For a more professional look, find a looser dress and style it with short pumps and an Mary-Poppins-sized black bag - you're ready to handle anything.

Dress by: American Apparel

Shoes by: Old Navy

Jewelry by: Fresh Tangerine


"Her laughter changed her voice from wind chimes to the jingling of...bells." - Leland Dirks

Photography by Aaron Schroeder

       Cue the Silver Bells! Following my invitation to my cousins' end-of-the-year wedding, my boyfriend and I took to Soho to hunt down a chic (and affordable) dress for this wedding. Since all the lovely holiday colors of maroon and evergreen were worn by both mothers of the bride, I was instructed to pick another dark color - so naturally, black it up! This little velvet garment was purchased for $50 at H&M and I couldn't be happier. The silver metallic cuffs and neckline double as accessories, and therefore saves me a trip through my jungle of an accessories closet of never-ending tangled up necklaces and bracelets. Though I adore my jewelry, sometimes it's nice to keep is simple. Especially with this flattened spherical piping, this dress channels confetti and Bing Crosbys' Silver Bells, perfect for the week between Christmas and New Years. So raise your glasses and toast to a good deal and another union of love - oh, and 2015!

       Fun Fact: I forgot my makeup for this photo shoot, therefore this post is especially simplistic as I am baring the au natural face! But sometimes it's nice to give your face a break and indulge in LUSH products afterwards.

Fun fact 2: The silver accents aren't bells - thankfully, they are a silent accessory that didn't disturb the wedding!




"I dream my painting and paint my dream." - Vincent van Gogh

Photography by Crystal Cox

Style O N E: Barbie Boulevard

Numero uno! This look features a light wash denim jacket, white blouse from Urban Outfitters, black hat with gold piping, black heels by Cynthia Rowley and a very bubbly flirty pink fur coat from Nordstrom. Comfortable and fabulous - perfect for weekends of brunching and splurging for a treat yo' self (cue Tom Haverford) day. 

Style T W O: Hitchcocks' Daydream

This next style is more on the why so serious?! side, with a white button-down blouse (also from Urban Outfitters) underneath an Asian inspired top with this Urban Outfitters dark blue fur jacket and gold-studded sandals (pictured in the below gallery). This style may be darker, but no less chic and street-style to work-day ready!

Style T H R E E: Ignite the Night

For this last look, we chose a relaxed night outfit. We styled this slim black jumpsuit with front zipper by Zara with my brown, tan and black mixed faux fur cropped jacket from Forever 21. No jewelry - though no jewelry needed with this bold jacket at the focal point.

Check out the rest of the photos from the fur shoot below!

       Maybe it's my inherent desire to be a dog owner,  maybe I just miss my horse-back riding days, but I recently took a loving for all things fur! A few months ago my boyfriend gifted me a short fur jacket, though with all the studying and New Yorks' very fickle weather, I haven't been able to wear it out. Nevertheless, I can't deny the pure elegance that comes with fur - coats, shoes, even headphones (which yes, I do own). What made fur such a fast trend is it's a sure-fire way to evoke beauty and romance - ye old seduction void of cut out dresses. Looking back in the native days, fur was believed to be a source of magic that brews strength, power and nobility within the individual wearing it. Post-war Britain, fur coats were "all the rage"...er, rather a symbol of luxury. Cue flashbacks of old cameos and women with minxes wrapped around their necks complementing their off-white satin dresses. Fast-forward multiple decades, invent the word "faux" and welcome to the fur revolution! 

       Following the great Salvatore Ferragamo, Lanvin, Bottega Veneta - and most recently Saint Laurent and the very colorful Diane Von Furstenburg, I set out to find my fur - though unlike the designers, I searched thrift stores, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, etc., all the college student favorites. Growing out of usual chic black and nudes, this season has played with mixed fur complexions and even experimented bold solids - such as the pink and dark blue in this post! 

       For this post, I paired with my friend Crystal, who worked alongside me at ELLE magazine this past semester - and also has an incredible eye for color. For our styling of fur, we chose three very different outfits - each filled with personality. I'll admit, I stepped a little outside my comfort zone for these (considering I am not a fan of pink, sorry Elle Woods) and to my surprise - I la-la-love the pink!